Welcome to British Accent Training, founded by 2,500-hour accent coach Matt Pocock (MA in Voice). We are the foremost trainers of the British accent across the world, with our coaches regularly training people all across the world in the British accent.

People find their way to our site for a number of reasons. You might be like some of our previous students – an actor, looking to expand your repertoire of accents, a lawyer looking for vocal clarity in the courtroom, or an expat tired of the question “where are you from?”.

We use cutting-edge techniques and high-impact teaching to take you from your accent to RP (Received Pronunciation) – the commonly accepted ‘British Accent’. It’s the one that’s heard on the BBC, and from actors such as Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Emma Watson.

In our first lesson with you, we’ll do a consultation – working through every vowel and consonant sound in RP until we get to the root of your issues. From there, we’ll work through exercises customized to the sound that you need to work on. We’ll give you audio and video instructionals to take away get your accent as close to RP as we can.

And we can get started immediately. Our coaches teach throughout the day, and you can even book your lessons online right now.

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