Who Are British Accent Training?

British Accent Training was founded by Matt Pocock, the 2,500-lesson accent coach with a Masters in Voice. We provide accent tuition and accent reduction to students all around the world over Skype, and face-to-face in London.

We’ve got a strong ethos here. All of our teachers have a MA-level of training or above. This guarantees that every lesson we teach is of the highest quality.

We keep the lessons affordable, so that everyone can get the tuition they need. We use audio and video resources to make your practice sessions the best they can be.

And we run the classes at your pace – you’ll never do an exercise that isn’t tailored to you. You’ll never be taken in a direction you want to go. You’re the boss. It’s that simple.

Do Skype Lessons Really Work?

It’s funny – we get this question a lot. People are worried that you just don’t get the same interaction as when you’re one-to-one with a teacher. People worry that something is lost.

But we see it the other way. If anything, something is gained. A positive environment is crucial to good teaching: and you get to practice in the comfort of your own home. Visual learning is key to practicing accents – and you get a built-in mirror in the Skype window. We even use the Skype chat window to record notes and practice sentences for the lesson.

So if anything, we see Skype lessons as an improvement over face-to-face lessons. And we’re even building on this advantage. We’re developing web apps to help you get even more out of the lessons – detecting how fast you speak, how sharp your consonants are, and how resonant your voice is. So watch this space. A Skype revolution is coming.

How Do You Learn The British Accent?

Learning any accent is a case of mastering the sounds of the accent. For the British Accent (we call it RP), there may be sounds in there that you’ve never used in your accent before.

For instance, Chinese speakers have to get used to the ‘R’ and the ‘L’ sounds. Greek and Cypriot speakers have to get used to the difference between the ‘T’ and the ‘D’. Spanish speakers often need to sharpen their ‘S’ sounds and manage their vowels. And in your accent, there are doubtless sounds which will feel very strange and foreign to you.

We can think of an accent as a collection of habits. We might habitually say ‘or’ instead of ‘oh’ or ‘ih’ instead of ‘ee’. We just need to take the old habits and put new ones in their place. Just like learning to drive, these habits take a while to change. But that’s what we’re here for: to give you the structure you need to learn best.

What is RP?

RP is Received Pronunciation, the linguistic term for the British Accent. It comes from the 18th Century, where people were ‘received’ at court. People needed to speak as clearly as possible during these situations, so an accent developed which made the speaker’s message very clear.

This accent carries on to this day, and it brings its clarity with it. It’s the accent that we hear on the BBC, from many radio presenters, and every public service announcement. Why is it everywhere? Because it’s so efficient.

RP is a very muscular and clean accent. It gets your message across with the minimum of effort. It’s a very healthy accent – unlikely to cause you vocal damage or strain. That’s why we teach it, and why we like to so much. It’s the easiest way you can express your ideas.

What’s The Next Step?

We teach 5 days a week, from 10AM-8PM GMT. Lessons are £40/hour, or £35/hour for students and recent graduates. We take payment via BACS transfer from inside the UK, or in any currency using PayPal.

You can book a lesson right away using the booking form, or get in touch with Matt for more information. Email him at matt@voicehacker.co.uk or call at +44 7712 676 946.