Why is the British Accent Important for Actors?

Getting training in the British accent is incredibly important for actors. If you’re an English-speaking actor, you’re going to be asked to perform most often in one of three accents. Your own voice often comes first. But it’s followed closely by the British accent and General American.

Many actors want to master lesser-known accents first. Irish is often top of people’s lists. Cockney or New York sometimes comes next. But actors need to maximise their castability, and nailing a good British accent means you’ll be able to audition for far more parts.

How Do You Learn the British Accent?

Learning accents on your own can be tough. You can dig up resources, practice different words – but you may never get close enough to the accent without the help of a teacher. The big difference of learning solo and learning with a teacher is feedback – the ability to know instantly what’s right and what’s wrong.

There’s nothing worse than having practiced an accent one way, then getting into rehearsals and prompting laughter. With a teacher, you can get the inside track straight away.

How do the Lessons Work?

Our lessons are done over Skype – which means you’ll be able to get them from the comfort of your own home. The lessons are one hour each, and we recommend you take them once a week. At the start of your first lesson, you’ll be given a practice paragraph to try out the accent and to see which sounds need work. And from there, the teacher will devise a plan for you that will take you from where you are now to a perfect British accent.

The amount of lessons you’ll need can vary widely from person to person. Some people need lots of lessons – heading up to 10. That’s often actors who haven’t been trained in accents before, so don’t have a solid grounding in how to learn the accents in the first place. Learning your first new accent gives you the tools to tackle other accents, which is why it can take longer the first time.

But for those who’ve studied accents before, the British accent can be 3-5 lessons away.

What do we mean by a British Accent?

The British accent is a highly diverse hub of accents. Cities have localised accents: Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, London all have different accents. And that’s just England. There are dozens of variants of Scottish, Welsh, and Irish to get to grips with.

What we mean by a ‘British’ accent is actually what’s called a ‘RP’ accent. RP stands for Received Pronunciation, and it’s the accent you hear on the BBC and from hundreds of accents in movies and theatre. It’s what people think of as the ‘neutral’ British English accent – and that’s why we teach it. We want to give you a sound that is unmistakeably British, so that you can nail your next audition.

What are the next steps?

Our teachers teach from 10AM-7PM every weekday, so you’ll be able to find yourself a slot whenever works for you. You can contact us using our contact form, or pop us an email at matt@voicehacker.co.uk.

After you’ve emailed us, you’ll be able to arrange payment online. The lessons are £40/hour, and there’s a discount of £15 available if you book 5. We look forward to hearing from you!